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16th century, a perfect circle, adult swim, aim, alan rickman, anime, archery, band, barenaked ladies, barony of roaring wastes, black lights, bleach, blood red moons, boobs, bowling, brackendelve, campfires, candles, canton of brackendelve, cats, celtic music, clarinets, comedy central, comics, computers, cooper's lake, csi, cuddling, d&d, dance dance revolution, dane cook, danny elfman, dark, darkyard, ddr, dean koontz, detroit, doujinshi, dragons, dreams, eddie izzard, eerie music, enya, evanescence, evil, ewan mcgreggor, fairies, family, family guy, fantasy, fire, friends, full moons, gay rights, godsmack, h-town, hamtramck, harry potter, hentai, hermione granger, homestar runner, hot topic, house darkyard, illegal activities, illegal things, japan, japanese, japanese cartoons, jay and silent bob, legio, legiodraconis.com, lightning, linkin park, ljdrama, ljdrama.org, mage, manga, mangas, medieval, metallica, michigan, middle kingdom, midnight, midrealm, monty python, moon, moonlight, moulin rouge, mp3s, mst3k, music, mystery science theatre 3000, nature, neville longbottom, newgrounds, nickleback, nicole kidman, oots, orchestras, order of the stick, owain phyfe, pegasus, pennsic, pennsic war, penny arcade, penny-arcade, pepsi, puddle of mudd, purple, rain, rainbow, road trip, rocky horror picture show, ron weasley, rpg's, s.c.a., sailor moon, sarah mclachlan, sca, sca combat, sex, silver, singing, sisters, society for creative anachronism, staind, stand up comedy, stella, stone sour, strongbad, techno, tenacious d, the daily show, the fifth element, the sims 2, they might be giants, things that are illegal, tool, vampires, wayne state university, weird al yankovic, wenches, writing, wsu


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